The Museum of Takeaway Menu Art

MoTMA or The Museum of Takeaway Menu Art was started in 2008, collecting menus from both the UK and other parts of the world including Italy, Dubai, Switzerland, USA and New Zealand. It continued collecting for almost a decade until 2018.
The aim was to not only create the largest archive of takeaway menus in England but also form a resource where the study and celebration of the takeaway menu could take place. It was also a great opportunity to play at museums. It briefly became a physical museum popping up in Bolton, UK as part of The Worktown Observation Centre in the summer of 2014.

The collection of almost 800 menus and the museum website can be found Here

A Takeaway Collage

Installation Shot #1

Installation Shot #2

Halal Symbol Spot Painting

Location of Takeaways in Longsight & Levenshulme, Manchester


Solander Box